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"I have come as a light
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- John 12:46

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As it may have been awhile since we did business together, let me just touch on a few of the job opportunities we have experienced within the last few years:

1. One of our largest jobs was the Red Rocks Baptist Church in Morrison, CO. At approximately 80,000 square feet, this was one of our most exciting projects and kept a couple of our guys busy for more than a year.

2. One of our most diverse jobs is currently ongoing and that is the construction of the Sanjel Concrete Plant in Fort Lupton, CO. With many challenging details in a difficult environment, this has proven to be a successful venture for our company. We look forward to the completion of this project sometime next year.

3. One of the national jobs we landed is the Golden Corral Buffets - so far, we've done electrical work with this great chain of buffet restaurants in CO, NV, WY, AR, MO and FL. It is both a great place to eat and also to work.

4. One of our most satisfying jobs was the installation of both high voltage and low voltage systems at the Woodrow Wilson Academy in Westminster, CO. To be able to help children and those who teach our children. This is a special experience at Carry the Light Electric. To be a part of the "Nurturing, Motivating, and Exciting Children to Learn" has been a fun and satisfying experience for our company.
Our Mission: "Striving to maintain a very high level of customer service and satisfaction, Faith-based Carry the Light Electric, exists to provide safe, affordable and quality residential and commercial electrical services to every client across the Front Range."

Serving the Front Range Since 1986!

Call 303-234-1235!

"Your 24/7 Colorado Electrical Connection"

Steve and his crew are awesome at trouble-shooting...we have been very successful where many others have failed.